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The mission of the Oman Information Technology Society is to coordinate and unify the efforts of workers in ICT and to consolidate cooperation between them to contribute to the spread of ICT culture in Oman, as a helper and complement to national projects aimed at advancing Oman’s renaissance in the field of ICT.

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    The role of OITS

    The role of OITS is to educate the civil society about the role of ICT sector and impact on their lives, and also to contribute with government and private sectors in development strategies and plans to achieve the future national vision Oman 2040.

    Dr. Yaqoob Albalushi
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    The roles of OITS with Omani 2040

    The role of OITS will be essential in light of the attention that the government attaches to the ICT sector in Oman 2040 vision.

    Dr. Salim Alruzaiqi