Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

Cyber crimes are considered one of the most challenges that are threatening the security and safety of societies, families and individuals. In many cases, these cyber crimes aim to steal information that is used to cause serious psychological and material harm to the victims. Stolen information can also be used to disclose confidential security information that are critical to organisations, data, personal bank accounts, or individuals. Cyber crimes share similar components with regular crimes as both include a criminal, victim and the act of crime. When cyber crimes are done, they take advantage of organisations and individuals’ lack of awareness on the threats and risks of cyber crimes and social media.

The project is to conduct a national awareness raising campaign to raise individuals and community’s awareness about the risks related to cyber crimes, and ways to minimize the rate of cyber crimes. The awareness raising campaign will include conducting virtual awareness workshops via electronic channels, demonstrating awareness content through various social media platforms, developing and publishing posters on securing social media accounts, and how to prevent & deal with cyber crimes. Various social media platforms and other media channels will be used to promote the awareness raising campaign and publish campaign messages.

1.1      Project Objectives

  • Increase the public’s level of awareness on the importance of safely using social media networks, through digital awareness and conducting awareness workshops in various Governorates and cities across Oman.
  • Unify all national efforts in countering cyber crimes
  • Publish posters to secure social media sites and networks, instructions to avoid and deal with cyber crimes.
  • Develop and demonstrate the awareness related content to help in reducing cyber crimes.
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